Felipe, We feel you fly in and out of our lives, forever free.  Thank you for all the moments you teach us.  Thank you Felipe the Falcon.

Felipe Cañete was born to Elvira and Alamiro Cañete on January 29, 1976 in the town of Curico, Chile. He was a unique boy, huge hearted, precocious in compassion and incredibly kind and affectionate.

At the age of fifteen he had a close look at his own mortality when his congenial heart condition almost took his life. After open heart surgery where he was given a 50/50 chance of survival, Felipe did survive and thrived, becoming involved fully in all of the activities he wasn’t able to do for so long. He was reinvented, a second take on life. While still limited somewhat by his health,  he still became an incredibly good dancer as well, performing in a funk band “Armando Porotos”, was an actor, a jester, known for outlandish street acts and making everyone around him think on their feet. He was known as un loco lindo: crazy but in a good way. People recognized him from all over for his unique interpretation of the world and his different take on life.

After completing business school Felipe, followed his heart to the town of Valparaiso where he studied his true passion: theater began his career as an actor.  He participated in street theater, plays and workshops as well as experimenting with the gritty cultural experience of Valparaiso itsself, diverse and fulfilling for him including poetry, clown performing, puppetry and music.

In 2004, he met his future wife Katy Canete an Alaskan working in Valparaiso.  They married in Valpariaso six months after they met and moved to Seattle together in 2005.  Learning a new way of life, Felipe began his career in the U.S. working at in a cafe and soon became a Spanish teacher, working his way into his student’s hearts with a distinctive eclectic style of teaching of humor, theater and music. He taught in various schools and programs, enjoying the rich learning communities he got to dig into as a teacher where his talents where highly valued.  In 2006 he became friends with Luc Reynaud and helped form the band Luc and the Lovingtons.  Performing on multiple forms of percussion, rapping in Spanish, singing back up vocals, developing dance routines, Felipe was a jack of all trades artist, holding a one of a kind place in the group.  A smart business man, and incredibly talented artist, Felipe helped the group grow into its own both musically and spiritually.  Felipe became the star of a tour the Lovingtons did with Jason Mraz where he got to perform in front of crowds as large as 25,000 and became a sensation to many adoring fans with his infectious raps and charisma.


An incredible productive man, Felipe found time to create his own project based on songs he had wrote to teach youth spanish.  The project which he created with Soleil Kelley (Fellow Luc and the Lovingtons band member) is called Sing with Señor.

Official Sing with Senor Website

On May 17th 2013,  Felipe was on his way home from school for a quick stop at his house before heading to Eastern Washington to perform in a show with his band.  Three blocks from his home,  he suffered from a heart attack related to his congenital condition and he moved on to the next dimension, his story continuing on beyond this life.

Since then, thousands of people have come up sharing stories of their connection with this man who has touched them forever.  The miracles and teaching of this incredible happy jester,  Felipe,  continue to unfold for all of us.  For those who know him closely, it is felt that he is very much on the journey he was meant to be on right now.  He is inexpressibly missed and yet Felipe himself would laugh his big belly laught if you considered him gone. He would challenge you to peer past your bubble of knowledge to allow for other possibilities and other smiles where you may interact with him.