Luc & The Lovingtons and Jason Mraz

Luc and The Lovingtons, a World-Soul-Pop Northwest band, are sharing their music and changing lives….and Hollywood is noticing. Their tune “The Freedom Song”, which was penned by the Lovingtons lead singer Luc Reynaud was covered by megastar musician and activist Jason Mraz and was just released as the second single off of his “LOVE is a Four Letter Word” album.

The “Freedom Song” shows how one song can truly affect the world. This song was born in the midst of the Hurricane Katrina disaster by Luc Reynaud and several children at a shelter in New Orleans. Eventually the “Freedom Song” was recorded in a studio by the children and Luc and The Lovingtons.

Since then, the “Freedom Song” has traversed the world and caught the attention of many, including Mr. Mraz. The Lovingtons opened for Jason on a national tour and the “Freedom Song” touched so many that Jason decided he needed to share this song with everyone. It is now available for download on iTunes and the lyric video is on YouTube.

“The Freedom Song is the first cover I’ve ever put on one of my studio albums. Written by a kindred spirit in a time of healing, Luc Reynaud put some joy in this thing. Thank you, Luc & TheLovingtons.” –Jason Mraz