The Goodness Tour Music and Art for People Facing Adversity

Taking music where it can’t be paid for.  Luc and the Lovingtons have successfully tried and tested a brand new touring  concept which brings free concerts to people facing adversity. Through sponsorship, crowd funding and the online auction sales of live paintings, the Lovingtons each year embark on their very own TICKETLESS TOUR called THE GOODNESS TOUR.

The Tour Stops consist of: Tent cities and shelters for people navigating homelessness, youth crises centers, hospitals, homes and more.

Understanding that Music and Art is powerful and that it is of great service to human beings with its healing and energizing properties, The goodness tour wishes to give that freely and bring it to folks who otherwise wouldn’t get it.

To Open Your World, Trust Your Intuition | Luc Reynaud | TEDxSantaCruz

After Hurricane Katrina, musician Luc Reynaud was moved to travel to New Orleans to help and discovered first-hand the power of music to open people up to healing. This led him to create a music project with child evacuees called “Freedom Song” which then grew wings when covered by Jason Mraz and it became and anthem in Ghana and reached freed boy slaves.