Benjamin Swatez

the painter1 A band member since the inception of the Lovingtons, Benjamin Swatez plays “paints” in the band. With every concert he begins with an empty canvas through which song by song Benjamin weaves with his paint brush, the music, the crowd and the moment into an expression of color and visuals onto the canvas. At the end of each Lovingtons show Ben has created a one of kind new painting for all to see that is a visual representation of the concert and moment just shared.

This unique collaboration came into fruition when Luc and Benjamin, two great friends, travelled Europe together performing in concerts fusing live music and live painting. This testing out of their creative connection across two mediums of art proved exhilarating and inspiring and for 9 years since they haven’t stopped. On Benjamin’s website under “live painting” you can see almost every live painting he as created sequentially from recent to old from all of The Lovingtons adventurous shows, tours and more. If you look closely, at the bottom you can see the 3 original paintings that were from the magical beginnings of those first precious concerts in Europe.

Benjamin also travels the globe providing art therapy for youth and humans of all ages. Among many others, he has brought his unique courses of art therapy to handicapped children in Argentina, freed slaves in India, and children effected by war in the D.R. Congo, Uganda, Isreal and Bosnia.

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Proceeds Benefit The Goodness Tour, Bringing Music and Art To Those Facing Adversity

“The traditional concert creates a separation between performers and the audience. The interactive live painting serves as a bridge, inviting the audience to courageously break through fears and internal resistance. Using a positive outlet, in the form of brushes and paint, they join the Goodness Tour, raising their energetic vibration and shifting the environment around them by their internal choice to liberate themselves in this unified collaboration. This connects audience and performers in a beautiful act of sharing eye to eye, heart to heart.”

“The Goodness Tour is about opening doors, reminding us all to embrace the power of choice and climb out of the mental labyrinth that can blind people from our true potential. There are no mistakes in these paintings. One cannot erase the past but we can transform it into valuable lesson to grow in compassion, forgiveness and deep happiness. This tour is about empowerment for the people and in every single outreach show painting, we witnessed people facing adversity rise up with the colors of love, return to their inner innocence and share their joy. Every composition tells a story of the people, of the moment we all share on one canvas and paint the beginning of the next chapter of our lives.”

– Benjamin Swatez

Goodness Tour 2015 Paintings For Sale

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Ubuntu House, San Francisco, CA (sold)
Agape Spiritual Center, Los Angeles, CA (sold)
Bronson Bar, Hollywood, CA
Dignity Village, Portland, OR
Path Hollywood, Hollywood, CA
Harmonic Humanity Benefit, San Rafael, CA
Tent City 3, Seattle, WA
St. Martin’s House, San Francisco, CA
Path San Diego, San Diego, CA
Ritter Center, San Rafael, CA
Seattle Community Party, Seattle, WA
Path Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
LIVE, Oceanside, CA
Mountain Shadows, San Marcos, CA (sold)
Opportunity Village, Eugene, OR
Homelessness Services Center, Santa Cruz, CA
Spruce Street Inn, Seattle, WA (sold)
Sub Acute Children’s Hospital, Saratoga, CA
Good Shepard, Los Angeles, CA
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA (sold)



The Goodness Tour 2015 Paintings1