Luc and the Lovingtons and Voices of the Children Debut New Music Video, Welcome to My House, Executive Produced by Jason Mraz
Youth from the US and Syria highlight the magic and spirit of the human heart.

New single available here…

October 17, 2016 — Luc and the Lovingtons today unveiled their newest music video, Welcome to My House, executive produced by Grammy Award winning singer songwriter Jason Mraz.  The music video was created in collaboration with Voices of the Children,  a nonprofit organization focused on pairing teens worldwide in collaborative arts projects to promote social and global awareness and create positive change.

Welcome to My House features Syrian refugee youth living in Za’aatari Refugee Camp in Jordan, 10 miles away from the Syrian border, and American youth singing and dancing to a song about joy, love and peace.  In addition to being featured visually, the youth sing in both Arabic and English and play a powerful role in advocating for a more compassionate and peaceful world.

“We wrote this song to remind people that we all share the same fundamental need and desire for love,” said Luc Reynaud of Luc and the Lovingtons.  “We are one world. One family. Welcome to My House is synonymous with saying, you are welcome to my heart.  This video is a projection of humanity and love and shows how wonderfully sweet we humans can be.”

The video features footage from Za’atari Refugee Camp and Wadi Rum in Jordan, as well as from the Skagit Valley of Washington State, showcasing the beauty of each location and welcoming all to their respective homes.

“In a time where the media is filled with content rooted in fear and negativity, Welcome to My House, showcases the magic and spirit of the human heart,” said Aaron Wagner, Founder of Voices of the Children.  “The collaboration between youth in Mt. Vernon, WA and youth living in Za’aatari Refugee Camp is proof that through art, music and film, we can break cultural stereotypes and create beautiful relationships.”

=The two murals featured in the music video. Mural left: Home in Za’atari Refugee Camp. Mural Right: Skagit Valley College.  Both were painted by Lovingtons band member Benjamin Swatez with the help of the youth in each area.


The project is a result of a team of collaborators including…

– The band: Luc and the Lovingtons
– Director: Moe Najati
– Cinematographer: Thomas Simon
– Documentarian: Glen Shackley
– Producer: Voices of the Children
– Executive Producer: Jason Mraz

Behind the scenes: more to come!